Urgent Care Near Grossmont, CA

Urgent Care Near Grossmont, CA

If You Are Looking for an Urgent Care Near Grossmont, CA, East County Urgent Care Can Help Serve Your Medical Needs Quickly and Efficiently. Call Now or Visit Our Urgent Care Center Conveniently Located at 1625 E. Main Street #100 El Cajon, CA 92021.

Urgent Care Near Grossmont, CA
Urgent Care Near Grossmont, CA

What is an urgent care clinic?

Urgent care clinics treat illnesses and injuries that require immediate attention but are not life-threatening. When your primary care physician is unavailable, you can visit an urgent care center without an appointment. There, you can receive care from qualified doctors and medical professionals for many different conditions, such as lacerations and burns, broken bones, sore throats, coughs and colds, infections, and more.

What is the difference between an urgent care clinic & an emergency room?

Emergency rooms and urgent care centers treat injuries of differing severities. When an issue requires immediate attention but is not life-threatening, you can visit an urgent care clinic for treatment. However, when a medical condition is life or limb-threatening and is considered an emergency, such as uncontrollable bleeding, a heart attack or stroke, serious head, neck, or back injury, deep knife wounds, gunshot wounds, and other conditions that endanger your life, dial 911 or visit the closes emergency room for immediate help.

Will my insurance pay for urgent care visits?

Many urgent care clinics do accept insurance plans. We accept many major health insurance plans, such as Aetna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, First Health, Health Net, Medicare, Molina Healthcare, Multi-plan, Tribal Health Partners, Tri-Care, United Health Care, Community Health Group, and more. We also accept most PPO plans. If you are concerned about whether or not we accept your health insurance, please do not hesitate to call our office prior to your visit. You can also call your insurance provider directly to confirm your coverage, deductible amount, and co-pay.

What services do you offer?

At East County Urgent Care, our experienced and caring staff has been providing quality health care since 1982. We offer a number of health care services to children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. Our emergency physician, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners provide top-quality care to your non-life-threatening but urgent needs. We have on-site lab services and x-ray machines so we can provide you a timely diagnosis and accurate treatment for your injuries and illnesses. We can insert IVs, set and treat minor broken bones, diagnose and treat strep throat, infections, chickenpox, and more. We offer family walk-in services as well, for times when you or your child are sick and cannot visit your primary care physician, and can treat allergies, annual physical exams, and preventative health exams.

We also provide services beyond those of urgent care centers and walk-in clinics! We are MPN/PPO providers for all major workers’ compensation carriers and have been working with the complicated guidelines for over thirty years. We specialize in acute injury management, repetitive trauma management, and case management and have an extensive referral system if hospitalization is required. We also offer DOT testing and BAT testing and can perform health screening, DMV, pre-placement exams, respirator questionnaires, pulmonary function tests, and qualitative fit testing.

In addition to these services, we also offer sports physicals and cosmetic services, such as laser hair removal, Botox, and skin treatments like chemical peels, facials, and detox treatments.

What are the advantages of an urgent care clinic?

When compared with emergency rooms, urgent care clinics are tremendously more convenient. Hospital emergency rooms have the resources to treat a number of different issues and conditions, but waits can be hours, the cost is high, and they may accept a limited number of health insurance plans. While urgent care centers cannot treat life or limb-threatening conditions (please call 911 or visit a hospital if you ever experience an illness or injury detrimental to your life), they can treat conditions that require urgent care when you are unable to visit your primary care physician, with shorter wait times at the fraction of a cost of an emergency room.

Why should I choose East County Urgent Care?

Dr. Wolf and his team of compassionate physicians, nurse practitioners, and medical professionals at East County Urgent Care have been providing high-quality care from to the El Cajon and the San Diego area, including Grossmont and La Mesa, CA for over thirty years. We care about your health, your family’s health, and the health of your employees and offer you medical help seven days a week.