Doctors Near Me El Cajon, CA

Doctors in El Cajon, CA

If You Are Looking for a Doctor in El Cajon, CA That Can Help You With Your Immediate Medical Care Needs, Look No Further Than East County Urgent Care. We Have a Team of Board-Certified Family Doctors, Emergency Medicine Physicians, and Certified Physician Assistants Ready to Help You 7 Days a Week. Call or Walk-In to Our Urgent Care Clinic.

Doctors in El Cajon, CA
Doctors in El Cajon, CA

How much does it cost for a walk-in clinic?

The cost of walk-in care can vary depending on your requirements, but a visit to a walk-in clinic or urgent care center is much cheaper than visiting a hospital emergency room. Ultimately, you should only visit a hospital ER when you are experiencing a life or limb-threatening injury or illness.

However, many walk-in clinics do accept insurance. At East County Urgent Care, we accept most major health insurance plans, including Medicare and Blue Cross, as well as many PPO insurance plans. If you are unsure if we may accept your insurance coverage, you can call our office and we can check. Additionally, you should also contact your insurance provider to double-check what is covered under your specific plan and verify your deductible or copay. This will ensure that you are not surprised by the cost after receiving treatment.

What is the difference between a walk-in clinic and an urgent care center?

Urgent care centers are a type of walk-in clinic, but not all walk-in clinics are urgent care centers as the two do offer different services. Walk-in clinics, which tend to be staffed with nurse practitioners and physicians assistants, are usually located close to pharmacies or retail spaces and can treat a number of common, minor health issues, such as colds and flus, ears, nose, and throat infections, prescribe prescriptions and refills, and provide vaccinations and other medical tests.

On the other hand, Urgent care centers, which usually have doctors on staff, treat patients for more serious (but not life-threatening) conditions that require urgent attention, such as burns, lacerations, and broken bones. Many urgent care centers have on-site laboratories and x-ray machines so that patients can be treated accurately and efficiently. Urgent care centers do see patients on a walk-in basis because sometimes accidents and illnesses happen without notice.

What services do you offer?

At East County Urgent Care, our conscientious and qualified staff of doctors and medical professionals offer you and your family a variety of health services, seven days a week with no appointment necessary.

When your primary care physician is unavailable, if you are away from home, or you don’t have a family doctor, you can visit our clinic for your family’s medical needs, such as allergy treatment, annual physicals and preventative health exams, see you for a cough and cold, and other primary care issues. Our medical team includes emergency physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and professional staff who can provide low-acuity emergency services for all non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries. We can insert IVs, administer medications, perform EKGs, run lab tests, suture lacerations, splint minor fractures, treat dislocations, drain abscesses, and more. We will report all tests and notes to your primary care physician so there are no gaps in your record and your care.

We also offer employment and occupational medicine services. We are an MPN and PPO provider for all major work comp carriers. We offer services such as drug testing, work injury treatment, health screening exams, back and lifting exams, breath alcohol testing, audiograms, fracture care, laceration treatment, burn treatment, eye injuries, and many others.

Are appointments offered at a walk-in clinic?

The beauty of a walk-in clinic is that they don’t require appointments. You may not have the privilege of time to make an appointment, so in times of near-emergency, when you must see a doctor as soon as possible, you can visit a walk-in clinic or urgent care center and be seen right away. We offer shorter wait periods and more affordable prices than hospitals. You can feel comfortable and confident with the treatment you will receive at East County Urgent Care.

Why should I visit East County Urgent Care in El Cajon?

We have been serving the El Cajon and the San Diego area for nearly forty years. Our staff of board-certified physicians and medical professionals strive to provide you and your family, from children to seniors, with top-quality, compassionate care when your primary care physician is unavailable, seven days a week.