Meet the Owners

Meet the Owners at East County Urgent Care in El Cajon, CA

Our Doctors and Providers Are Committed to Helping You Feel Better! We Are Conveniently Located at 1625 E. Main Street # 100 El Cajon, CA 92021. Call Us Today for More Information.

Omid Akbari, Executive Director

Omid Akbari, Executive Director

My name is Omid Akbari and I am the Executive Director of East County Urgent Care. Since 2017, my wife, Dr. Faranak Ghazi, and I have owned and operated East County Urgent Care. I received my MD from the Iran University of Medical Sciences and my Executive MBA from the University of California, Irvine. Upon graduation from Medical School, I practiced Emergency Medicine, and after a few years, I began my career in Healthcare Management. Currently, I serve as a board member of the California Urgent Care Association (CALUCA). With over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry, I am dedicated to fostering a practice focused on maximizing comfort and convenience for patients and businesses.

Dr. Faranak Ghazi, Medical Director

My name is Faranak Ghazi and I am the Medical Director of East County Urgent Care. I am a board-certified Family Physician and I have practiced medicine for more than 20 years. Growing up, my mother had a severe illness, so I know how a family member’s health issues can affect patients and their families. My personal experience inspired me to pursue a career in medicine so I could be on the frontline of helping others. As your doctor, I’m committed to easing the burden of pain and sickness through compassionate and effective medical care.

Thank you for considering East County Urgent Care. We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.